County El Paso Ceili Band


Ceili pronounced (Kay-lee) is the Irish word for dance or party. The County El Paso Ceili Band is a 4-5 member group formed to perform instrumental Irish music. They employ the use of traditional Celtic instruments such as the uilleann (ill-un) pipes, fiddle, concertina, tin whistle, bodhran, and guitar.

Their repertoire includes: jigs, reels, and pub songs. Among the most traditional of all of our Irish bands, their sound reflects the times of old, and are a wonderful complement to a relaxing evening. They have played regularly at Jack Quinn's since 1998. Enjoy the music of county El Paso every Tuesday evening from
7-10 PM .

Brian Clancy

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Brian is an authentic Irish Pub singer, bringing a lifetime of music and song to an exciting evening of entertainment in downtowm Colorado Springs. Don't miss it!

Brian Clancy brings Ireland to life in Colorado Springs every Thursday Night starting at 7:30 PM. He will share the stage with audience members, but always insists that the entire audience sing along to a vast wealth of Irish Ballads and Pub Songs both traditional and modern in convenient songbooks.

Brian is often joined by Richard Gillies on bodhran, Brendan Clancy and/or Henry the Fiddler.

Big Paddy

They play an energetic and fun filled show, consisting of pub songs, jigs, reels, and an occasional ode to whiskey! They play to a lively crowd every other Saturday evening from 9:30 PM -1 AM and are a fantastic accompaniment to the pub experience.

Ceol Céilí  

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Ceol Céilí is Ron Sommers, Heidi McClure, Steve Hart, and Kari Wilson--an eclectic group of musicians living in the Colorado Springs area who have come together as an ensemble in the spirit and joy of creating interesting music and drinking fine ales. We perform concerts with the young and old in mind.Though mainly Celtic, the band's musical selection is quite eclectic. The band's current repertoire includes traditional, modern, and original tunes and songs from Ireland, the Scottish Highlands and Lowlands, the Shetland Islands, Northumbria, Brittany, French Canada, New England, and Southern USA. Look for the band at Jack Quinn's on weekends and other days by checking the current calendarCeol Céilí often plays for our traditional Irish Céilí on the second Wednesday of each month at 7 pm with Irish Stepdancers.

Grant Sabin and the Revelators

Grant Sabin and the Revelators provide an action-packed, dynamic performance that channels long past delta blues voices. Grant Sabin’s original song writing and slide guitar mastery are the foundation of this eclectic blues trio. The foot stomping, table slapping rhythms that have become synonymous with a Revelators’ performance are provided via Grants band the Revelators made up of Andrew Koken (upright and electric bass) and Hans Schopen (percussion). In addition to Grant’s original songs the trio will perform blues favorites from the 1920’s to present.


The Commoners



The Commoners have been playing Irish music in Colorado for more than ten years.  Led by "Mouse" on guitar, bass and vocals, this talented band plays classic pub songs mixed with an exciting variety of modern Irish music from a number of sources.

Playing at Jack Quinn on frequent weekends, the band offers the full sound of Irish music backed by electric instrumentation and a full drum kit.

They're lively and fun.  See if you can join Mouse on a round of "The Rattlin' Bog"!


Midnight Carnival




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